7 Google Drive for Android Features You Should Be Using

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Google Drive is an astounding application on Android, however with these tips, you can utilize it surprisingly better.

Google Drive is introduced on each Android telephone, and it’s enticing to simply involve it as a fundamental distributed storage administration. However, there’s something else to it besides that. You can involve it for reinforcements, as a picture scanner, for record sharing, and bounty more.

Here is our pick of seven top elements in Google Drive that you want to be aware of.

1. Back-Up Your Phone

Google Drive is utilized to save your telephone reinforcements, related to the Google One help. It’s ready to back-up framework and application settings, and a few information, so you can rapidly reestablish it after a plant reset or when you move up to another gadget.

To utilize it, open Drive and go to Settings > Backup and reset. Select a record under Account Storage, on the off chance that you have more than one set up, and ensure that the switch close by Backup to Google One is set to On.

A reinforcement will run naturally under these circumstances:

Your telephone is charging and has been inactive for something like two hours.
Your telephone is associated with Wi-Fi.
It has been somewhere around 24 hours since the last reinforcement.
You can likewise back-up your telephone physically by tapping the large Back up now button.

To see what’s supported, select Backups from the Drive sidebar menu. Navigate to see which applications are incorporated. You can’t get to individual documents inside the reinforcements.

The disadvantage to involving Drive for reinforcements is that it just deals with outsider applications where the designer has decided to help it. Some applications, as WhatsApp, expect you to independently set whether to back-up talks. To ensure you’re totally covered, look at a few different choices for sponsorship up your Android telephone.

Check Photos and Documents

With Google Drive you can completely embrace a paperless world. The application allows you to examine old photographs and records, and has OCR support that makes the subsequent documents totally accessible.

To begin examining, tap the + symbol in the base right corner and select Scan. Presently snap a picture of the record. The product will endeavor to settle the picture, and furthermore crop any undesirable components around the edges.

Select the Crop device to change the harvest in the event that you really want to, and utilize the Color device to save the picture as either a variety or highly contrasting report. At last, save your picture.

In the event that you check a ton of records, you can add an easy route to your home screen for simple access. The easy route is accessible as a gadget. The interaction for adding this contrasts relying upon what telephone or launcher you’re utilizing.

Typically you’d long push on an unfilled spot on the home screen, select Widgets, then find the choices for Drive. Tap and hang on the Drive examine gadget, and drag it into put on the home screen.

3. Share Files in Google Drive

Google Drive isn’t a document sharing help, however there might be times when you want to make a record freely accessible.

To do this in the application:

  • Tap the three-spots menu button close by the document or envelope, then select Manage access.
  • Under General access, the record ought to be set to Restricted as a matter of course. Select Change > Restricted > Anyone with the connection.
  • Presently tap Viewer (which ought to be the choice you see of course) and select:
  • Watcher, in the event that you maintain that the individual with the connection should have the option to open the record

Analyst, assuming that you maintain that they should have the option to remark on the document
Supervisor, on the off chance that you believe that they should have the option to alter the record
Presently hit the Back button two or multiple times, then tap the connection symbol close by General admittance to duplicate the connection to your clipboard. Assuming that you go excessively far, you can likewise tap the three-dabs menu button close to the document and select Copy interface.

With the connection duplicated to your clipboard, you can post it on the web, in things like a Slack message, or in an email in lieu of a connection. Whoever approaches the connection can see or alter the record, contingent upon the settings you picked.

On the other hand, you can limit admittance to just those individuals you explicitly need to have the option to see the record. For this situation, leave the Manage access setting on Restricted, and on second thought select Share from the three-spot menu close to the filename. You can now add individuals by composing in their email addresses and picking whether they ought to have the option to view, remark, or alter the record.

To eliminate access once more, select Share, tap the symbol for the individual you’ve imparted the record to, select them again from the rundown, and tap Remove.

4. Open Files in a Different App

Where conceivable, opening a document in Google Drive will open it inside Drive itself, or inside the default application for that record type. This goes for every normal document, including office records, PDFs, pictures, and some more. In any case, you could have other applications on your telephone that can deal with these records as well.

Simply tap the three-spot menu button close by the record name, then select Open with. The Android Share menu will open, showing you all the applications you have that are fit for dealing with this document type, so you can choose it from the rundown. In the event that there could be no other applications, it’ll naturally open in the default application to no one’s surprise.

5. Add Home Screen Shortcuts

On the off chance that you’re a weighty client of Drive, you’ll presumably have basically a couple of documents that you access consistently, similar to a PDF you’re perusing, a bookkeeping sheet you really want to refresh, or a common record you’re dealing with. To save continuing opening the Drive application and exploring your direction to this record, you can save an easy route to it on your home screen.

Raise a ruckus around town button close by the record name and select Add to Home screen. You can drag the symbol into spot or move it into an envelope, very much like some other symbol, or the easy route will be made in the principal void space on the home screen.

6. Save Shared Files and Folders

The capacity to share and team up on records is one of the most amazing pieces of Google Drive. In any case, sooner or later, monitoring documents and envelopes that have been imparted to you can be troublesome. Naturally, they all appear as a feature of a major rundown in your Shared tab. A superior method for remaining coordinated is to move the documents into one of your own organizers.

Tap the three-speck menu button close to the common record or envelope. Then, select Add easy route to Drive, then, at that point, pick an area to save it in and tap Add. You can make another envelope with the symbol in the upper right corner.

Shared organizers are just accessible for up to an individual offers them with you. When they deny sharing, or erase the documents altogether, you’ll at this point not have the option to get to them.

7. Interface Enhancements

Google Drive is easy to explore, however there are as yet a couple of ways of getting around the application faster.

Stars: A simple method for recalling significant records. Tap the menu button close to a document or envelope, then, at that point, tap the Star choice from the rundown that opens. Presently slide open the sidebar and select Starred. Every one of your things are here.
Colors: You can feature envelopes (however not documents) by relegating a variety to them. Tap the menu button and select Change tone, then, at that point, pick one of the accessible choices.
Sees: From the Starred, Shared, or Files tabs, or inside any envelope, you can flip between a rundown view and a framework view. The last option shows a thumbnail review of the record, and is particularly perfect for pictures. Enact it with the View button in the upper right corner.
Multi-select records: Long pushing on any document or envelope chooses it. Whenever you’ve chosen one, you can then tap on different documents and organizers to choose more simultaneously. You can now move, erase, or apply different activities to these records across the board go.

Accomplish More With Googe Drive on Android

Google Drive is much in excess of a simple unloading ground for records, or a fast method for dividing stuff among PCs or partners. It’s a strong application with significantly more in the engine than could initially be obvious.

The assistance is perfect on both versatile and work area. However, it isn’t totally faultless. You might experience a few issues with Google Drive every once in a while, however much of the time they are effectively fixable.

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