The 5 Best VPNs With RAM-Only Servers

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We attempted and tried a few VPNs and gathered a rundown of administrations that give extreme security utilizing RAM-just servers.

For the majority of us, a VPN’s basic role is to safeguard online protection and get our exercises far from meddlesome eyes. Yet, with regards to security, it’s essential to understand that not all VPNs are made similarly.

While most VPN suppliers promote themselves as no-logs administrations, it is basically impossible that you can confirm the trustworthiness of that case. A free security review can assist with picking the right zero-logs VPN, however a definite fire way is to settle on a VPN that utilizations RAM-just servers.

Anyway, what are RAM-just servers? How would they further develop security and protection? What’s more, which VPN administrations work completely on RAM? We should figure it out!

What Is a RAM-Only VPN Server?

A VPN that utilizations RAM-just servers stores every one of your information, the working framework, and the whole programming stack in Random Access Memory, or RAM.

Since RAM is unstable memory, it holds information just when associated with a power supply. Every one of the information is cleaned off each time the server is rebooted or switched off.

Utilizing a VPN with RAM-just servers is a compelling method for accomplishing total secrecy. Regardless of whether the specialists, outsider noxious entertainers, or programmers hold onto the servers, they will not have the option to get to your information since RAMs don’t store information forever.

Notwithstanding, while looking for a VPN with RAM-just servers, you will understand that your choices are restricted. That is on the grounds that setting up these servers requires an extensive beginning venture and has functional costs that main the top brands can bear.

To assist you with putting your cash on the right help, we attempted and tried a few VPNs and gathered a rundown of the five best VPNs with RAM-just servers.

The Top 5 VPNs With RAM-Only Servers

  • ExpressVPN — Best VPN administration with TrustedServer innovation
  • NordVPN — Independently examined no-logs VPN
  • Surfshark — Unlimited synchronous gadget associations
  • PIA — Extensive organization with RAM-just servers
  • CyberGhost — Affordable VPN with NoSpy servers

1. ExpressVPN

At the point when you peruse the web for the best VPN in any class, chances are, you’ll find ExpressVPN among the top list items. That is an obvious sign of the help’s prominence among clients.

ExpressVPN offers more than 150 servers in 94 nations across the world. Every one of its servers utilize ExpressVPN’s exclusive TrustedServer innovation utilizing RAMs. What’s more, it has a demonstrated no-logs strategy and utilizations the AES 256-cycle encryption to guarantee total namelessness.

As per ExpressVPN’s blog entry, the help is freely inspected by PwC, and they confirmed the organization’s case of keeping no logs. ExpressVPN’s zero-log claims were additionally tried when the Turkish specialists requested information on the associated killer with Andrei Karlov — the Russian diplomat to Turkey. The organization gave no information to the specialists as it keeps no information logs.

ExpressVPN additionally offers a programmed off button that cuts your web traffic assuming your VPN association drops. The element is empowered of course and guarantees your security until the VPN association is reestablished.

In spite of the fact that ExpressVPN functions admirably, it’s somewhat more costly than its rivals on this rundown. Notwithstanding, you can give it a shot gamble free utilizing the 30-day unconditional promise.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN’s top-level security highlights procure it a spot on our rundown of best VPNs for protection cognizant clients. It’s situated in Panama, which is viewed as a protection well disposed country without any information maintenance regulations.

NordVPN offers more than 5,400 servers in 59 nations, so it’s not difficult to track down a server close to you and appreciate quick paces. The organization sends own equipment to the server farms just its staff can get to, implying that no one can mess with them.

Like ExpressVPN, NordVPN ensures that it doesn’t screen or log web action. Since the servers run altogether on RAM, you can have confidence that your information is cleaned off after every meeting. To additionally confirm its zero-logs guarantee, NordVPN is freely examined two times by PwC — something a couple of VPNs can gloat about.

NordVPN offers an off button, a convenient promotion blocker, and full break insurance. You can interface up to six gadgets at the same time on a solitary membership. Furthermore, in the event that you’re not content with the help, you can request a discount in 30 days or less.

3. Surfshark

Surfshark updated all its 3,200 servers to RAM-just profiles in July 2020. Our examination shows that the organization never records clients’ IP addresses, network traffic, or perusing history. It just keeps the client’s IP and timestamp of association, the two of which are erased in no less than 15 minutes because of its RAM-just server arrangement.

The organization is situated in the Netherlands, which is a country that welcomes securities. Also, Surfshark is autonomously evaluated two times by Cure53. It was additionally one of the primary VPN administrations to end its Indian servers in light of the new digital regulation, further solidifying its security responsibilities.

Surfshark offers all the exceptional protection highlights, including an inward off button, secure burrowing conventions, DNS, and IPv6 spill insurance. It utilizes industry-standard AES 256-digit encryption so nobody can see your web movement.

Surfshark is the main VPN on the rundown that upholds limitless concurrent gadget associations at a cost a lot of lower than its rivals. It likewise upholds crypto installment and supplements it with a 30-day unconditional promise.

4. Confidential Internet Access

Confidential Internet Access (PIA) is a top decision for clients who need a VPN with RAM-just servers on a tight spending plan. Its membership plans start at $2.19 each month on the off chance that you decide on biennial installments, and you can safeguard up to 10 gadgets at the same time.

We were a piece worried about its zero-log strategy since the help is situated in the US — a part condition of the Five Eyes knowledge coalition. In any case, PIA’s no-logging strategy was scrutinized two times in 2016 and 2018, however the organization affirmed that it didn’t have anything to give.

With PIA, you can pick either 128-digit and 256-cycle encryption conventions, contingent upon the degree of insurance you need. Like other VPNs, PIA offers an off button and break security. We tried the IP and DNS spill security include and couldn’t recognize any holes.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers north of 7,000 servers in excess of 90 areas, all of which run on unstable memory. Dissimilar to other VPNs, CyberGhost utilizes extraordinary NoSpy servers that guarantee total start to finish encryption. You get high paces and solid associations without agonizing over tricky outsiders following your web action.

Notwithstanding, the heavier security frequently comes at the expense of more slow speed. You might encounter perusing issues, low streaming quality, and slack while utilizing the NoSpy servers.

CyberGhost permits up to seven gadget associations all the while and backs up its membership plans with a liberal 45-day unconditional promise.

Reinforce Your Security With RAM-Only Servers

A RAM-just server is a component that ensures extreme security to VPN clients. Such servers run on RAM and don’t screen, store, or log any information to hard drives.

Notwithstanding, a couple of administrations at present sudden spike in demand for Random Access Memory, so you don’t have a lot of decision if you have any desire to accomplish total security.

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